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Aluminium Swing Door with Glass and Aluminium Frame.

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HBD aluminum swing doors with glass and aluminum frame are one of the most popular sorts in Singapore HDB flats. If you need a glass door for a well lit room, this one is probably the best that works in HDB houses.

Sturdier than All-Glass Doors

In case you fancy a glass door, it will cost you high and the maintenance will be high too. An aluminum framed glass door is heavy duty, isn’t flimsy or delicate and requires less maintenance than an all glass door.

Ideal for Apt Natural Lighting

HBD aluminum doors are a great option when you want ample natural light to enter your home. You can choose from clear glass, stain glass, frosted glass and more varieties of glass.

Absolutely Affordable

We use heavy-duty aluminum as well as sturdy glass but we provide it at affordable prices, relatively inexpensive than what you’d pay for a glass door.

SG contractors bring you the best of HBD aluminum swing doors with glass and aluminum frame:

Lowest cost offers in Singapore

The cost of the door includes installation

Low maintenance

Relatively quick installation

Powder-coated, quality aluminum frames

Choice in colors of aluminum frame

Choice of glass

Quality, high-strength glass

HDB approved measurements and materials

Ideal for spacious flats

Idea for natural lighting

About the Seller

SG Contractors are one of the premier direct contractors when it comes to construction and furnishing merchandise, consultation and services. We’re a trusted name in Singapore not only by house owners but also by the construction industry.

Our team of contractors possesses years of experience in their field of work. We offer and guarantee the highest standards of workmanship through our work and supplies. We are also known for and can guarantee the lowest pricing in town.

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