About Us

SG Contractors are one of the premier direct HDB approved contractors when it comes to construction and furnishing merchandise, consultation and services. We’re a trusted name in Singapore not only by house owners but also by the construction industry.

Our team of contractors possesses years of experience in their field of work. We offer and guarantee the highest standards of workmanship through our work and supplies. We are also known for and can guarantee the lowest pricing in town.

Our Mission
We wish to make housing a more convenient and affordable affair for sellers as well as buyers.

As more HDB projects come up, it is increasingly necessary for sellers and renovators to know better about it. This is why, as HDB approved contractors, we ensure that we give you everything that HDB flats, condos, and other housing requires.

SG Contractors is a name that the construction industry in Singapore finds synonymous with affordability. We are, in fact, known to offer the lowest product as well as service quotes in the country.

Exceptional Customer Service
The customer is placed at the center of our business ethics. We’re that HDB approved contractor, which operates with humility and respect. For us, customer satisfaction is paramount and we do everything to attain it.

Our Vision
We observed the construction market as a super competitive place where competition can often lead to diminishing quality of supplies and services. And that’s the truth, perhaps.

Our vision is a little different. We see our business as an enabler for the buyer, be it a seller or a reseller, the final house owner. We see ourselves as that HDB approved contractor which takes the pain out of construction, by making it affordable because we are not motivated by only profits but also by what value we are adding to our customer’s lives.

Registered NameSGContractors
Business Registration number53375161J
Date Incorporated21 Dec 2017

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