Gateman Digital Lock WF200


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Operation Mode: Fingerprint or Password. Free Delivery & Installation

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Operation Mode: Fingerprint or Password

Access Code: 6 to 12 digits

Fingerprint: Register Up To 20 Fingerprints

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Product Feature:
Register your favorite 4-10 digit password (main password to be used for unlocking and changing some settings, ie volume, auto/manual lock etc)
Register a secondary 4 digit password (secondary password for unlocking lock only)
Register a one time 4 digit password (this password can be used to unlock the lock once only before re-registering, ie for weekly helper to enter etc)
Register up to 20 Fingerprints

Package Includes:
Gateman WF200 Digital Lock
Free Delivery & Installation

Gateman is known among one of the best digital door lock brands worldwide. The Gateman WF200 is one among the simplest digital locks that offer security that is unrivaled among the locks of its class.

A tough body and simple function make it a digital lock that is quite popular. A step ahead of Gateman WF100, this digital lock offers both pin access as well as fingerprint access. A great-looking body, a simplistic design and easy installation make it one of the most widely used digital locks in Singapore.

Great black matte finish, sleek design, a body made from high quality polymer, and easy operation are only some of the best features that set it apart.

Advantages that come with Gateman WF200 Digital Door Lock

  • Versatile Pin passwords settings for increased security
  • Easy to set up Fingerprint access
  • Durable body
  • Stylish sleek profile
  • English Voice Guide
  • ​One-time-use Pin
  • Master security Mode
  • English language instruction voice guide
  • *Child Lock* feature
  • Automatic as well as manual lock mode
  • Free delivery and installation
  • Ideal for residence as well as commercial security

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