Condo (Resale) Marble Polishing Services

Condo (Resale) Marble Polishing Services



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SG Contractors offers expert marble floor polish services for resale apartments in Singapore. If you are looking for a makeover for your old, corroded marble floor, this is it. Our ace quality equipment and seasons polishing experts make sure that you get the desired look and feel on your old weary marble.

When it comes to marble polishing in Singapore, every provider isn’t isn’t going to provide you with standard results. The results will depend on the polishing equipment and material as much as on the person responsible for polishing.

The process of polishing is a meticulous one. It involves preliminary cleaning, polishing, imperfection correction and sealing for long lasting shine. This is why the results are brilliant only if each step is done perfectly well.

And despite all these specifications, the service needs to be affordable. This is exactly the kind of marble polishing that you need for Singapore HDB apartments.

Marble Floor Polish with SG Contractors

  • Lowest service prices in Singapore
  • FREE, No-Obligation service quote
  • Detailed cleaning with pH neutral solutions
  • Best diamond polishing process
  • MEticulous imperfection correction
  • Use of the best sealants for lasting shine
  • Suitable even for the most corroded marble floors
  • Seasoned professional staff
  • No mess/damage to your property
  • Insured services

About the Provider

SG Contractors are one of the premier direct contractors when it comes to construction and furnishing merchandise, consultation and services. We’re a trusted name in Singapore not only by house owners but also by the construction industry.

Our team of contractors possesses years of experience in their field of work. We offer and guarantee the highest standards of workmanship through our work and supplies. We are also known for and can guarantee the lowest pricing in town.

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