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We are in the business of supplying industrial water chillers and compressed air treatment equipment since 2007. Our products cover major European and ALTECH(OEM) brands. Our markets cover most ASEAN countries and other parts of Asia.

Our continuous innovative solutions provider boosts our clients’ confidence in all aspects of industrial or commercial applications. We gather all expertise around the world in our product range to offer our clients one stop energy requirement needs. We create niche product positioning, innovative engineering, commitment to quality, and superior customer service to industries worldwide.

Under the brand name ALTECH, we market refrigerated dryers, absorption dryers and oil and particle filters for all compressed air applications. We also supply quality industrial water chillers for process cooling and air conditioning applications. We can help you in realizing mass requirements of equipment’s specific cooling/heating functions.

We provide good after sales service to our customers including contract servicing and repair maintenance program.

The industries we serve include automobiles, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, offshore, semiconductors, precious metals, precision components and other non-standard application.

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