Lutron PC-6011SD Clamp Power Analyzer, SD Card

Lutron PC-6011SD Clamp Power Analyzer, SD Card

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SD card real time data recorder \nCLAMP POWER ANALYZER \nModel : PC-6011SD \n* Real time data logger, save the data into the micro SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no need. \n* Real time data logger, built-in clock ( year/month/date/hour minute/second ), sampling time can be set from 2 to 7200 seconds. \n* Applications : Power quality analysis for single and balanced three phase systems. \n* True RMS value for voltage and current measurements. \n* True Power ( KW, MW, GW ). \n* Apparent Power ( KVA, MVA, GVA ). \n* Reactive Power ( KVAR, MVAR, GVAR ). \n* Watt-Hour ( KWH, KVAH, KVARH ). \n* Power Factor ( PF ), Phase Angle ( ). \n* Voltage range : 10 to 600 ACV. \n* Current range : 10 to 2000 ACA. \n* Harmonics display ( 1 - 50th order ). \n* Display of wave form with peak value. \n* Analysis of total harmonic distortion. \n* Graphic phase diagram with balanced 3-phase system. \n* Capture transient events ( including Dip, Swell and Outage ) with programmable threshold ( % ). \n* Programmable PT ratio ( 1 to 1000 ). \n* ACV input impedance is 10 Mega ohms. \n* SD memory card capacity : 1 GB to 32 GB, micro SD card. \n* Built-in the " Hard copy " function, it can be saved and converted the Display diagram to the BMP file. \n* Powered by DC 1.5V ( UM-3/AA ) x 2 PCs batteries ( Alkaline type ) or DC 9V adapter. \n* SD card data record function is available


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