Lutron DI-6400 Insulation Tester + DMM

Lutron DI-6400 Insulation Tester + DMM

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\nIINSULATION TESTER, + DMM\nModel : DI-6400\n* Auto-range and multi-function.\n* Insulation measurement ranges:\n 1. 4/40/400/4000 M ohm, auto range ( 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V )\n 2. 4/40/400 M ohm, auto range ( 100 V )\n* Built-in the ACV & DCV & OHMS functions :\n DCV ( 600.0 V ), ACV ( 600.0 V ), OHM ( 400.0 ohm, 4,000 ohm, auto range ).\n* CAT III 1000V.\n* Automatic zero adjust & automatic circuit discharge.\n* Lock & Test functions, safety and easy operation.\n* Precision resistance measurement with auto-range, useful for measuring low resistance value such as motor windings, relay coils etc.\n* A continuity beeper is equipped in OHM range.\n* Jumbo LCD display allows clear read-out.\n* LSI-circuit provides high reliability and durability.\n* Built-in over-input and low battery indications.\n* Battery operating is easy to carry for user.\n* Overload protection for each range.\n* Durable & portable housing case with the front rubber protection cover.\n* Heavy duty test leads with the alligators.\n* RS-232/USB computer interface.\n* Powered by UN3/AA DC 1.5 V X 8 batteries.\n


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