Lutron COH-9905SD CO2 Meter + Humidity/Temp., SD Card

Lutron COH-9905SD CO2 Meter + Humidity/Temp., SD Card

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\nSD card real time recorder , all in one\nCO2 METER + Humidity/Temp.\nModel : COH-9905SD\n* Real time recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be down load to the Excel, extra software is no need. \n User can make the further data or graphic analysis by themselves. under the Excel software\n* At the same time, the SD memory card can record 3 function data ( CO2/Temp. , %RH/Temp. /Dew /Wet) \n 3 group analog data with the time information into the one Excel file at the same time\n* Manual datalogger is available, during execute the manual datalogger function, \n it can set the different location no. ( position 1 to position 99 ).\n* Air quality measurement application, multi-function :\n CO2 (Carbon dioxide ), Humidity, temperature measurement.\n* CO2 range : 0 to 10,000 ppm x 1 ppm. \n* Humidity range: 10 to 95 %RH.\n* Dew point Temp. and Wet bulb Temp. measurement. \n* Temp. range : 0 to 50.0 ℃, ℃/℉.\n* CO2 sensor : NDIR, long term reliability. \n* Humidity sensor : Precision capacitance sensor\n* Alarm setting with the beeper sound output. \n* Sampling time for data recorder is 2 seconds to 3600 seconds. \n* Meter can cooperate with 2 GB to 16 GB SD card, SD card is optional\n* RS232/USB computer interface. \n* Patented.\n\n


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